"Early the next morning the shoemaker went down to his shop. There to his amazement, was a pair of finished shoes on the worktable."

"The Brothers Grimm bring to life two benevolent elves who secretly toil at night to help an honest shoemaker through hard times. Even after the elves have pranced and danced their way out of the workshop, their magic remains to help the shoemaker and his wife on to a richer and more comfortable life. Barbara Roman's handsome illustrations of this frolicsome fairy tale make The Shoemaker and the Elves a book to be cherished." - Andrews and McMeel

The shoemaker and his wife appreciated all the work the elves had done. To thank them, the shoemaker and his wife made each of the elves a new set of clothing and a pair of shoes.

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"What beautiful shoes!" the customer exclaimed. Then he bought the shoes at twice the usual price.

"The two little elves danced all over the shop. They even danced on the cupboard where the shoemaker and his wife were hiding."

​​Author / Illustrator

Copyright 1987 - 2017, Barbara J. Roman. All rights reserved.